Knowledge software for lawyers

We help you collect, manage, share, and apply knowledge from your documents and your experts.

Our software delivers relevant knowledge to you, making it easy for you to do your best work.

What we do

Finding and putting useful knowledge at your fingertips

In the modern practice of law, you are expected to do more with less, and often under tight time constraints. Syntheia's software helps improve the speed and quality of your legal work by finding the right information when you need it. Our software pinpoints relevant information without interrupting your workflow, so you can make better informed decisions and continue to deliver the best outcomes to your clients.

Syntheia's software provides you with an end-to-end knowledge solution. Our tools help you capture the knowledge distributed across your firm or company into a centralized hub, giving your team a single point to manage your knowledge. You can connect fit-for-purpose applications to your centralized hub, which allow you to share information among your team and apply your collective knowledge to solve difficult problems.

Applications that we offer include:

  • a document review tool which can extract text from documents and distill your expertise into machine learning models in real-time. This tool enables your team to rapidly identify and report on deal-specific issues when reviewing documents;
  • a clause bank which can connect to your document repository and autonomously extract clauses from your documents. This tool enables your team to interact with your organization's documents and clauses, and collaborate with each other; and
  • a drafting assistance add-in for Microsoft Word which can recommend clauses and other legal text. This tool enables lawyers to access contextually useful suggestions while drafting, thus reducing risk and improving the quality and speed of drafting.

Features and benefits

Syntheia leverages the collective knowledge of your law firm or company to supercharge your legal expertise. The key features of our software include:

Transform your documents and expertise into clear organized data

Our software autonomously atomizes your legal documents, whether they are contracts, advices or court filings, and allows you to rapidly train custom machine learning models to identify novel concepts, from as few as three to five examples.

Machine learning outputs that are explainable and transparent

All the training data used for machine learning models on our platform are exposed for human review and audit. You can examine, change, and retrain models at any time, giving you reliable results which are explainable.

Private deployment, with complete control over your content

We can deploy our software to your secured private cloud environment or on premises. You will have total control over the content that is included or excluded from the platform. Ownership of your data and know-how will always remain with you.

A collaborative ecosystem for sharing knowledge with your team

Users can pool their content into the centralized repository, sharing their know-how with others on the team. Users can ask questions, discuss, tag and vote on content, creating a collaborative community, wherever they may be working.

Applications that are built to be adapted to your workflows

Our platform is designed to work in parallel with your existing systems. We can deploy our applications to work "out of the box", or we can tailor our applications to integrate with your workflows, assembling tools to fit your use cases.

Flexible architecture that is multi-purpose and extensible

Every component of our software is built in a modular fashion, allowing for continuous improvements, integrations, and extensions. This modular architecture ensures that your investment in technology will stand the test of time.

Pricing Plans

We offer a range of pricing packages that are tailored based on your needs, each one with the aim of delivering measurable return on your investment:

Per document

Syntheia ONE

  • License one application for a use case of your choice, charged on a volume basis. This package is best for firms and companies starting to adopt AI technology, who are undertaking a discrete project, or who want predictability and control of their spending.
Per application

Syntheia FLEX

  • License one or more applications and our machine learning platform, charged on a per application basis. This package is best for firms and companies wanting to scale and strengthen their digital strategy, or who need certainty on spending.
Enterprise plan

Syntheia PLUS

  • License our platform and all of our applications, charged at an agreed price. This package is best for firms and companies looking for a holistic platform to extract more value out of their knowledge assets, or who plan to build custom applications.

Contact Us

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